Costa Rica Getaway

How a Women’s Retreat can be both a Costa Rica Retreat and Costa Rica Getaway when properly planned

When planning a women’s retreat in Costa Rica, it is important to not only make it a Costa Rica retreat but also a Costa Rica getaway at the same time. With many retreats taking on more of a focused itinerary around a philosophy or type of spiritual messaging, the enjoyment of the actual location where it is taking place can end up getting lost. To keep this from happening in a paradise like Costa Rica, consider some tips in regard to planning the women’s retreat to help ensure the trip to Costa Rica is both a retreat and a getaway.
First, make sure there are other things to do in the general area. This doesn’t mean the women’s retreat should be in the middle of San Juan, but it shouldn’t be so isolated in the jungle that there isn’t a way for those attending to get away and do their own thing, see the sights and have a unique getaway type of experience. Planning it to be located just outside a local beach town with restaurants, night-life and various other activities in nature is a great decision. This way some attendees can hang out around the retreat location while others have some separation from the whole group, as necessary.
Next, make sure the schedule of the retreat isn’t too demanding. Keep it all very casual. Everyone doesn’t need to be spending time together doing activities from sun down to sun up every single day. While there obviously needs to be some activities that everyone does together as a group a few times throughout the trip or once a day, there should just be other activities made available so that everyone at the retreat can make their own decisions and not feel like they are locked into one particular agenda. Having freedom is very important to helping the notion of this being more of a getaway then a retreat, and will in turn make everything people do together as a group more enjoyable.
Finally, make sure the retreat and getaway combo is planned for the right time of the year. There are large parts of the seasons in Costa Rica that have tremendous amounts of rain, which is why the jungles are so lush and the environment is the paradise that it is. However, these months of more or less constant rain can be a real problem for those looking to go out to the beach, go on hikes or explore the natural wonders that Costa Rica has to offer. So just make sure the time the retreat is planned for allows for getaway type activities, rather than people being stuck indoors trying to stay dry.