Surf And Yoga Holidays

How to Integrate a Jungle Vacation into your Surf and Yoga Holidays

When trying to integrate something a little different into your surf and yoga holidays, like a jungle vacation, the location is a big part of it. For example, if you have gone to an island known for surfing and a beach or rental location that is ideal for yoga, that may be all you really can do. This is what islands are great for: getting away and concentrating on doing just a few things. However, it won’t allow for much exploration. So by going to a place like Costa Rica, one can still have that desired surf and yoga holiday for the majority of the time, while breaking it up with trips to the surrounding jungle for hikes and swims beneath jungle waterfalls.
The best plans for this are as follows: first, go at the right time of the year, when it is not raining constantly. Only yoga can really be done when it is pouring rain; surfing isn’t very enjoyable when it is pouring rain, as the visibility is bad and it’s difficult to stay on one’s board. Hiking in the jungles during a downpour will just be difficult and dirty, neither of which are enjoyable. Next, find a location that is not only nearby the beach and has a nice home or rental property, but also has excellent jungle hikes a walk, bike ride or short drive away. This will allow you easy access to both worlds during this varied vacation.
Also, make sure the location you choose is nearby a beach town or some other small commercial center, so you can easily buy groceries for your stay, go out and get a meal at a restaurant when you feel like it or have some access to a degree of nightlife. While this varies from person to person, being completely isolated in the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica with no option to do anything else may make some people go a little stir crazy.