Womens Surf Retreats

Womens Surf Retreats: What to Expect from a Surf Retreat and Surf Vacation

More and more womens surf retreats are popping up in tropical locations and while this may seem like an idyllic vacation, it is important for those women thinking about attending to know what to expect from a surf retreat or surf vacation. As the name implies, these surf retreats are geared towards women alone, meaning all the other attendees will be female, allowing the organizers to usually house everyone who is attending in a home or a couple homes, rather than separating everyone to their own rooms so there is more privacy. So that is one thing to expect from this type of trip: you will be very close to those on the retreat with you, at least in physical proximity.
Next, surfing is also a major part of the purpose for the vacation or retreat, as the name suggests. So if for whatever reason you desire to do a lot of other activities in this particular location, it may be best for you to go on a trip there on your own, outside the surf retreat’s parameters, because everyone else will spend most of their time surfing. Which raises another important point—do you know how to surf and how good are you? While most surf retreats are geared for women of all levels, especially the beginner levels with those organizing the retreat available to help instruct and teach better surfing techniques, surfing is still the focus. So if you’re planning on surfing for a half hour and then kicking it on the beach the rest of the day, you can, but it probably won’t be what everyone else is doing.
As you will be surfing the majority of the time, sun and swimming will also be a constant, meaning you need to pack sunscreen and be ready to swim constantly. This is totally fine for most people, but some who underestimate the amount of surfing on the itinerary may also have underestimated the amount of sun and salt water they will be soaked in throughout the trip, which can lead to exhaustion, dehydration or both at the same time. This could lead to sickness and at least a day in bed, which isn’t a great addition to any retreat.
So in other words, know what you are signing up for and start practicing your surfing or at least swimming in the weeks or months before going on this retreat. It will just translate to you having a better time in general. However, once you have considered all of these different aspects of a surf vacation or retreat for women and made the proper preparations, prepare to have the time of your life.