Yoga Surf Retreat

Surf and Yoga Retreat Costa Rica: What to Know about Surf and Yoga Costa Rica and a yoga surf retreat in general

Choosing a surf and yoga retreat Costa as a place for a yoga surf retreat is a great idea, but as you are making preparations for this amazing experience there are certain things you should know about surf and yoga Costa Rica in general. As more and more people are learning, Costa Rica is one of the more beautiful, still untouched places in Central America that is also safe and modern when it comes to facilities and accommodations for travelers looking for a true getaway. The cities and towns are quite safe to travel through, the nature and beaches are relatively untouched and many amazing places are incredibly affordable when it comes to renting or even buying them, at least when compared to other similar tropical locations around the world. So when it comes to the general location, Costa Rica currently is tough to beat.
However, just coming into Costa Rica and declaring you want a surf and yoga retreat that can be planned from just about anywhere is unrealistic. First, you need to know about the different surfing areas in Costa Rica and what times of year the surfing is good in those areas. This is because you can do yoga from just about anywhere, regardless of the season as long as you have a comfortable room that is climate controlled. When it comes to surfing on the ocean however, you are the student of the ocean.
So learn where the good surfing spots are and try to find accommodations for the yoga surf retreat around there. Ideally it’s a short walk, bike ride or golf cart ride to the surfing location from where you are staying, so that loading up wetsuits and boards into a car for a long drive every day doesn’t become an ordeal that is more stressful than relaxing. Finding this type of location that is available at the right time of year will be one of the toughest parts of this retreat’s planning overall.
And by right time of the year, it means not the rainy season in that particular area of Costa Rica. During some months, each side of the tropical nation has constant rainfall, which allows its jungles to thrive. However, it doesn’t make surfing or hanging out much fun or terribly relaxing for an extended period of time.
Of course, you could also save yourself the trouble of all this research and pre-planning by simply finding a great surfing and yoga retreat in Costa Rica and sign up as a participant yourself.